"I will always pick up the phone to Ann first with any children's casting or children in fil advice.
"Ann has never let me down, she is realistic and will get to the point of whether something is possible straight away, she really does know. What makes her special is that she is also incrediblly creative, full of energy and tireless in finding you what you need and making your last minute changes possible. She really does love a challenge and is always there at the end of the phone out of office hours.
"If you are lucky enough to have Ann looking after the children on your production you know that they will have a great experience.
"Ann thinks about their suitability and knows each child and their families back story, she knows who is suitable for an extra role or who is capable of a feature. Ann will very often follow up and chaperone herself, on Tarzan both Young Tarzan and baby Tarzan were from Ann and she personally chaperoned and kept an eye on those children to make sure they were happy and looked after.
"Ann will spend as much time searching for and suggesting each child for a crowd scene as a principal character.
"I first met Ann 15 years ago and she has never let me down, she is the best in the business in my opinion and she knows and understands what each Production needs and is dedicated to making it work for us whilst not compromising her children in any way.
"I can't recommend Ann highly enough, she has dug many of us out of numerous holes over the years!!"
Candy Marlowe
Crowd Casting Director

"Working as an Assistant Director, in an Industry that is constantly liable to change, is at times, very challenging in itself! So, when children are added to this, I always turn to Ann. There are many agencies, who can supply you with many children, but you will not find anyone who is more personally dedicated and passionate about her job. From finding the correct look of the children through to the constant chasing of paperwork and liaising with local authorities. It's this passion that, in every aspect that sets Ann and her agency apart for me."
– Michael Michael
Assistant Director

"Whatever the production and however large or small my needs when looking for children supporting artists, I have the assurance and piece of mind knowing that Ann will always provide me with exactly what I need. Not only is she delightful to work with she also gave helpful and useful advise."
– Jon Jennings
2nd Assistant Director, Hat Trick Productions

"Whenever I have needed to cast children as background artists Ann Koska has never let me down. She has a good pool of children from which to choose and her licensing service is 2nd to none. If I ever have a tricky scheduling issue which hinges on a child's licence, Ann has always been able to help smooth the water. Highly recommended."
Nick Shuttleworth
Key 2nd Assistant Director

"The famous adage of never work with children or animals goes out the window when dealing with Ann. She is always helpful, always friendly and always my 1st port of call when i start work on a production".
Mark Hopkins
Key 2nd Assistant Director

"Ann was the first child agency I used ... and I have never looked back ... If you are looking for one child, hundreds, chaperones, or just advice on working with children she is the lady to come to."
– M.D. 2nd AD – Rev., Luther,
Great Expectations, New Tricks